GEA SFU professional gas flare unit

The gas flare unit can be used to burn off any gas from LPG or Natural Gas pipes or vessels where directly venting the gas to atmosphere is not acceptable due to safety or environmental considerations.

The flare unit consists of a continuously rated high voltage transformer (110V supply required) that provides a continuous spark for flame ignition, particularly important where the gas is being purged with air or nitrogen and the gas concentration falls below 50%.

The burner head is mounted approximately 2.5m above the ground level for safety but the flare unit is not recommended for use in gusting winds.

The flare unit is mounted in a vinyl coated wooden and aluminium framed equipment case that provides a stable base on firm ground conditions. The Flare Assembly consists of three vertical 15mm steel pipes connected with brass or stainless steel unions and a valved section containing an in-line flame arrestor.
  • Features:
    • Natural gas and LPG versions available
    • Safe and easy to use
    • Lower environmental impact than direct venting
  • Supplied complete with:
    • 2.5m flare stacks
    • Sample point
    • Flame trap
    • Safety signs
    • 10m long gas hose
    • Housed in a robust, reinforced aluminium framed case
GEA gas flare unit datasheet GEA flare unit
GEA gas flare unit user instructions GEA gas flare
user instructions
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3507-001 GEA SFU gas flare unit - Natural gas hose £1657.20
3507-002 GEA SFU gas flare unit - LPG hose £1657.20
3507-003 GEA SFU gas flare unit - with NG and LPG hoses £1830.00
3243-005 10m LPG flare hose with unions £217.20
3243-006 10m NG flare hose with unions £217.20