Kane 905 commercial flue gas analyser

The Kane 905 combustion flue gas analyser is easy to use for domestic and industrial boiler flue gas analysis. It operates on all boiler types and can display 8 parameters simultaneously showing measurements and calculation of boiler efficiency and pollution.

The Kane905 measures oxygen, flue, nett and differential temperature and calculates carbon dioxide, boiler efficiency, excess air and losses. CO is measured with a hydrogen compensated sensor for increased accuracy. The 905 also calculates the CO/CO2 ratio (Poison Index) to give complete readings for effective boiler analysis and safety. The built-in high accuracy pressure sensor is suitable for both tightness testing and flue draught measurement.

The Kane 905 flue gas analyser is also available with up to 2 additional sensors to measure nitric oxide (NO) (high or low range), sulphur dioxide (SO2) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The standard CO sensor can also be replaced with a high range version.

The Kane 905 has a capacity to store up to 150 test results for printing to the optional printer or downloading to a pc using 'Kane Live' software (free to download).
  • Features:
    • Hand held and easy to operate
    • Large display shows 8 different measurements simultaneously
    • Multi-fuel:
      • Natural gas
      • Butane
      • Propane
      • LPG
      • 28 sec oil
      • 35 sec oil
      • Heavy oil
      • Solid fuel
      • User defined fuel
    • Accurately measures:
      • Oxygen (O2) with a sensor guaranteed for 2 years
      • Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-4,000ppm (optional 100,000ppm sensor)
      • Flue and nett temperature
    • Calculates:
    • Pressure sensor for tightness testing and flue draught measurement
    • Optional upgrades to measure:
      • NO (0-5,000ppm or 0-100ppm)
      • NO2 (0-1,000ppm)
      • SO2 (0-5,000ppm)
      • and calculate NOx
    • Optional wireless link for data transfer to PC using Kane 'Live' software
    • Optional wireless communications to Android using the Kane Printer App
    • Long life, rechargeable battery
    • Memory stores up to 150 combustion test results
  • Supplied complete with:
    • Flue probe
    • Rubber sleeve
    • Mains adaptor/Battery charger
    • Padded carry case
    • User instructions
    • Calibration certificate
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3973-001 Kane 905 combustion analyser (O2/CO) - Kane905 £1020.00
3973-002 Kane 905 combustion analyser (O2/CO/NO) £1260.00
3973-003 Kane 905 combustion analyser (O2/CO/SO2) £1260.00
3973-004 Kane 905 combustion analyser (O2/CO/NO2) £1260.00
3973-005 Kane 905 combustion analyser (O2/CO/NO/SO2) £1500.00
3973-006 Kane 905 combustion analyser (O2/CO/NO/NO2) £1550.00
2740-001 Kane BTM/450 wireless Android module £66.00
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