Anton Sprinter flue gas analyser infra-red linked thermal printer

The infra-red linked Anton Sprinter thermal printer allows instant, on-site printing of test results from any of the Anton Sprint range of combustion flue gas analysers.

No connecting wires, information downloaded via an infra-red link.

No ink, no ink ribbons, just prints straight onto thermally sensitive paper. Note:
The Sprinter printer is NOT supplied with a battery charger.
Use the FGA battery charger (CHG29001) supplied with the Anton Sprint flue gas analyser to re-charge the Sprinters batteries.
Anton Sprinter infra-red linked thermal printer user manual Anton Sprinter
user manual
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2640-001 Anton Sprinter infra-red linked thermal printer £178.80 amazon
3594-005 Thermal printer paper roll 57mm x 44mm (pack of 5) Anton PAP26001 £11.70 amazon