Cord connecting 6/10K mini Krone cord connection set

Cord connecting 6/10K mini Krone enables any equipment fitted with the standard BT type plug 431A/631A to connect directly via a two pole mini Krone plug to a KRONE 241B module. This professional telecom cord connect includes a crocodile clip (aka: Alligator clip) terminated earth connection lead.
  • Features:
    • Two pole mini Krone plug
    • BT type 431A/631A jack
    • Cord length 200 mm
    • Restraining earth wire terminated with a crocodile clip
    • Low priced, hard wearing, professional quality cord connection set
    • Ideal cordset for use with the range of telephones (Butt-in Sets) available from JMW
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783-001 Cord Connecting 6/10K (mini-Krone) £12.90